Revolutionary Non-Surgical Face Lift and Body Re-contouring Treatment


What is CEYA Radio Frequency?

CEYA RF is the abbreviation for CE Youth Activator Radio Frequency. This equipment represents a real breakthrough in the field of aesthetics worldwide thanks to its fast and quality results.

CEYA RF stands out for its great efficiency in non- invasive treatments. With three independent outputs, it is the ideal machine for reduction and remodelling the body as well as rejuvenation on the face and neck.



What types of treatments can be achieved with CEYA RF?

A whole range of treatments, among which the following stand out:

  • Facial rejuvenation and firming

  • Breast, gluteusabdomen and abductor firming

  • Hair loss

  • Skin blemishes

  • Toxin elimination and progressive chemical depilation among others

  • Treatment of Cellulite

  • Slimming

  • Lymphatic Drainage


 Electromagnetic drainage Ceya RF has a powerful effect on our Lymphatic System.

It eliminates toxins of high and low molecular weight and mobilises the waste through the metabolism.

It's powerful electromagnetic fields affect the body fluids, forcing their movement like a pressure pump.  The amount of fluid removed is 30% - 60% more than conventional systems.



Who can benefit from CEYA RF treatments?

Anyone looking for a quick and efficient reply to his / her aesthetic problems and prefers a non – surgical alternative. Treatments with CEYA can be applied to both men and women of any age.



Who cannot undergo a CEYA RF treatment?

Anyone with a pacemaker or metallic implants (in the area of treatment), a neoplasm, signs of bacterial infection or thrombosis, pregnant or menstruating women (because of the increased bleedings).



How does CEYA RF work?

CEYA is the new generation thermoelectric massage equipment. CEYA RF is bound to become an irreplaceable ally for any aesthetic clinic thanks to its high-quality results.

Reducing the toxin levels in the body, the CEYA RF instantly boosts the body’s metabolic rate and blood flow. CEYA RF has been tested in front of a notary republic, achieved FDA and is CE approved, to ensure the highest quality in slimming treatments.

The CEYA RF produces a radio-frequency current that flows through our tissue, between an active and a passive plate, and plays an important role at an internal level by bringing the blood from the outside to the inside of the tissue. The phenomenon is known as diathermy. The current penetrates the layers of fat in the body and any other poorly irrigated areas therefor improving the circulation throughout the body but in particular the areas between the plates. On the outside, we only see it because the skin gets a bit pinkish and we feel a sense of warmth. Under the epidermal layer, large amounts of blood from the veins, capillaries and arteries flood the treatment area and drag away those waste materials and toxins that block oxygen from entering the cell membrane. This intercellular (between cell) drainage frees the cells affected by the lack of oxygen.













How many treatments must one have?

At least 6 to 12 treatments one or two weeks apart



What kind of treatments can be done with CEYA RF?



The CEYA Non-surgical Face lift 


  • moisturising treatment for young skins

  • nutrition for mature skins

  • eye bag and swollen eyelid treatment

  • toxin elimination treatment

  • dark eye ring treatment

  • rehydration and increase in the volume of lips

  • cutaneous rejuvenation

  • orbicular treatment, nasolabial fold

  • expression lines and wrinkles

  • cutaneous revitalisation 

  • flabbiness and sagging in different areas of the face

  • non-surgical face lift 

  • cutaneous imperfections

  • penetration of cosmetic substances



Slimming, Reduction of Cellulite and Skin Lift 

  • forearm, breast, gluteus, abductor, abdomen firming and modelling

  • cellulitis (presence of adiposity on hips)

  • gluteus anti-cellulite and abdomen reduction

  • adiposity on abdomen

  • reduction and definition of waste and hip reduction

  • elimination of toxins

  • removal of localised liquid retention

  • postpartum treatment




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