PDO Thread Lifting



The PDO threading is a new, innovative technique of skin rejuvenation.

The procedure involves using various lengths of thin sterile needles to insert PDO dissolving threads into the deeper connective tissues. The threads attach themselves in the subcutaneous where it acts as a frame for lifting and tightening loose and sagging skin.


By this minimally invasive procedure, new connective tissue is build up around the thread so that the skin gets firmer and tighter.

Certain types of threads can also lift the facial tissue its original position


The subcutaneous tissue is also stimulated to produce new collagen. The result will provide the skin with a well-rested and firmer look whilst supporting new collagen formation.


This new and gentle method leaves no wounds or scars.


This treatment can be used on the face, but also in various areas of the body where the main objective is creating a lift, rather than restoring volume.


The full effect of the PDO threads can be seen 1-2 months later and it lasts 12-18 months.