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Professional Skin Analysis and SkinDNA Tests  

Are you constantly buying the wrong products? Are you fighting with problem skin? Are you confused by the multitude of products available? Do you simply need help and advice?


Smart Mirror Skin Analyser 


Using a skin analysis computerised machine, our professional skincare team will assist you in making the correct choice that is correct and specific to skin type.


Intelligent skin analyser will measure and analyse different aspects of the skin such as:


  • Oil level

  • Moisture level

  • Pore size

  • Wrinkle depth

  • Sun damage

  • Pigmentation 

  • Skin elasticity

  • Skin sensitivity 

  • The condition of collagen fibres

  • Skin age


SkinDNA Test

SkinDNA® is a DNA-based laboratory test which takes the power of the DNA’s unique blueprint to identify our skin’s genetic

strengths and weaknesses in 5 categories: Firmness + Elasticity, Wrinkling, Sun Damage and Pigmentation, Free Radical

Damage and Sensitivity + Inflammation.


The team at SkinDNA® have profiled the action of more than 6,000 genes since our work began in 2006. The culmination of

our research work led to the discovery of more than 200 abnormal gene traits in the form of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

(SNPs). These were found to be implicated in the health and wellbeing of our skin. Those which played the most significant

role, 15 of which have currently achieved such status, form the basis of our DNA test.


The SkinDNA® test empowers individuals and their skin professionals with the information needed to make more educated

decisions about their skin care needs. The key being prevention, SkinDNA® is designed for early awareness and intervention

before the problem strikes. Consumers are faced with a bewildering choice in what has become a trillion-dollar skincare

market. The SkinDNA® Test helps take the "guess work" away. If a client has a genetic variation making them

more prone to wrinkling then one should focus more efforts on ingredients that target that particular issue before the signs

even begin to appear. The great thing about a genetic profile is that it will never change; the results will apply for the rest of

your life.

Following your consultation, we are then able to advise you on a personalised treatment plan to correct and maintain a healthy complexion.

In Advanced Beauty Clinic, we strongly believe that prevention is more important than a cure!

Using preventative therapy you can avoid genetical skin diseases such as premature ageing, rosacea, melasma etc.