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Growth Factor Induction Therapy
At ABC Aesthetics we use innovative AQ GFIT treatments to help you to achieve younger and healthier-looking skin.

Growth factors can be used to reverse signs of ageing, promote collagen production, enhance the skin’s natural restorative process, encourage healthy circulation, and stimulate cell turnover and renewal.
What is Growth Factor (GF) Technology?

The AQ GFIT Treatment - Growth Factor Induced Therapy™ - is the topical delivery system of growth factors to the skin using microneedling stamp. This is a tool that introduces vertical microscopic channels into the skin through the use of 140 micro-fine needles that enhances the penetration of therapeutic active ingredients into the skin.
The AQ microneedling stamp in conjunction with the AQ Recovery Serum, will intensify the benefits and enhance the penetration of growth factors and other skin-renewing/therapeutic ingredients into the dermis so that patients will see faster, more dramatic results than when using the serum or microneedling alone.
Results have shown effective improvement in skin texture, acne, lightening hyper-pigmented skin, reducing scar tissues, and fine lines by stimulating the skin to produce new collagen formation, thus revealing fresher, younger, and more healthy-looking skin. It also considerably brings down the downtime of both micro-needling and post-laser treatments.

Effective for Active Acne and post Surgery Scaring
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