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Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization
Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization, also known as ‘Chanel Injection’ or skin boosters, are injectable treatments that boost your skin’s moisture and stimulate collagen production. Because these treatments bypass your skin’s outer barrier, they hydrate from within while plumping, smoothing, brightening, and softening fine lines. Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization are a highly-effective way to slow the aging process before it starts, or to repair skin that has already begun to age. 
At ABC Aesthetics we use a mesotherapy automated Injector gun that safely delivers meso-solutions into the skin with efficiency and accuracy.  
       Using an automated injector gun is safe, less painful and it minimizes the bruising, so downtime is shortened. 
Mesotherapy treatments contain hyaluronic acid along with a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and amino acids.
Mesotherapy is better suited to younger skin. If you start early enough, Mesotherapy is highly effective at preventing aging. 
Injection cosmetology
Biorevitalization treatments contain pure hyaluronic acid mixed with vitamins and enzymes without any additives. Biorevitalization products tend to be more viscous than mesotherapy products, so they do a little bit of filling, in addition to renewing the skin.

Biorevitalization is most effective on patients who are 30+ or who have more advanced signs of aging. We recommend having the face, neck, and hands treated at the same time.
A woman getting biorevitalization hyaluronic acid injections  injection
Woman Having Lip Botox
Mesotherapy small areas
around eyes and lips
The process involves small microinjections of hyaluronic acid into the body of the lip to increase hydration and give a subtle, natural volume increase that can be seen immediately after just one treatment.

Mesotherapy can significantly improve the colour of dark circles under the eyes, by providing intense hydration and nutrition.
Mesotherapy involves a technique that uses repeated microinjections to introduce vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants into the middle layer of your skin (the mesoderm).

Pharmaceutic sterile mesotherapy products used for this procedure:
FillMed NCTF 135 HA, M-HA 10 and M-HA 18

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