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Diode Laser Permanent Hair Removal
Are you dealing with unwanted hair on your face, legs, arms, or elsewhere on your body? While waxing and shaving provide temporary relief, the most efficient solution for permanent hair removal is laser hair removal treatment.
ABC Aesthetics provides diode laser hair removal, ensuring clients achieve smooth, hair-free skin.
This advanced diode system effectively targets and removes unwanted hair from areas such as the face, chest, legs, and more.
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Successful laser hair removal hinges on delivering high energy to the skin, selectively absorbed by melanin around the follicle while safeguarding surrounding tissue.

Diode lasers, with a single light wavelength highly absorbed by melanin, incorporate skin cooling to protect the skin surface. The absorbed energy heats melanin, destroying the root, blood flow to the follicle, and disabling hair permanently. Diode lasers, capable of delivering high-frequency, low-fluence pulses, are safe for all skin types. The procedure involves emitting rapid laser pulses to target hair follicles, heating them to a disabling temperature.

Diode laser hair removal is non-invasive, doesn't require anesthesia or incisions, safe for any skin type, and leaves no scars.

Patients can resume normal activities post-treatment, with the only recommendation being to avoid other hair removal methods during this time.
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